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We all know the feeling...

We meet friends, colleagues and acquaintances every day that we are secretly attracted to. Some of them might feel exactly the same way about you. How many opportunities are you missing without even knowing that they are there for the taking?

We designed Secret Flame is to make it easy for people to make the most of those opportunities. All you have to do is give us the name and a valid email address of your "secret flame". If they identify you as their secret flame too, we will inform you both. If not, they won't be told about your feelings, so there is no risk of embarrassment.

Secret Flame is completely confidential. It is not possible to browse profiles on the site, nor find out who is using it. A match has to come from two people independently declaring each other as their secret flames.

Whether you are smitten by one person in particular, or you have a number of potential partners in mind we wish you every success in using Secret Flame.

You will find more detailed instructions on how to use the site by clicking on how to.

Please let us know how you get on using the contact form....