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10 tips for e-mail flirting

The growth of the internet and tech-savvy individuals worldwide has laid the foundations for faceless e-mail flirting, a popular and growing trend nowadays. For those wondering how to flirt via e-mail, this article provides 10 tips for optimum e-flirting.

10 no-no's when flirting

It takes a great amount of skill and practice to master the art of flirting. But then again, it’s not rocket science. Here are 10 things NOT to do when flirting with someone.

10 tips for flirting

Although flirting is an art that needs a significant amount of practice to master, it’s not really rocket science. If you are one of many people who want to flirt but don’t know how to go about it successfully, read on to learn 10 easy tips for flirting and become an expert in no time.

Are You A Secret Admirer?

Secret admirer
Are you a hopeless romantic who can’t build up the courage to tell someone you’re attracted to them? Falling for a complete stranger, or even a friend, happens to everyone.

10 Tips For Flirting In The Workspace

Since you spend a substantial part of your day at the office, there’s a good chance you might find yourself crushing on someone you work with. This article highlights 10 tips for effectively flirting with a co-worker without crossing the line.

A Few Things Men Will Never Understand

No matter how understanding and caring your man is, there are few things they will never understand about women, and if you expect your boyfriend to be any exception, you might be wrong.