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If you've already registered with Secret Flame, you'll know that we don't send you any unsolicited emails. If you don't like the silence, you can follow us by visiting our Facebook page.

Click on "Like" on the page to tell your friends (and your secret flames?) about us.

Secret Flame is now free of charge

Up until now, we asked you for a small one-off payment to post your flames. That was to make sure no-one could pretend to be someone else. We needed to do that in order to use information to identify your flame that wasn't specific to the person, like postal addresses or workplaces. 
In practice, almost everyone just used email addresses to identify their flames, and we don't need a payment to validate those. We just need to send a confirmation link to make sure that the email addresses belong to the people registering on the site. 
So we've decided to make the site entirely free by restricting the matches to email addresses. That also makes it much simpler. All you need to give us is a name and at least one correct email address of your flame.